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  • Our rates are $45.00hr + GST for any type of service.

  • Our minimum is 4 hours (two staff for two hours).

  • There is a driving surcharge for locations beyond Davis Bay - ifwe are booking for those locations at that time.

  • We bring all of our own equipment and cleaners, and for safety reasons, we do not use clients' cleaning supplies.

  • All Staff have digital GPS time tracking systems, all times and locations are reported this way to our office and we send invoices by email using these times.

  • Invoices can be paid by e-transfer or by credit card, we do not accept cash.

  • We usually work in teams of two.

  • We do work from ladders, but only a few feet up, so please let us know if you expect us to require one and we will bring it to your service.

  • All of our staff are bonded, insured, and covered by WorkSafe BC.

  • If you need to change anything about your service, please contact us 2 days in advance so that we can plan appropriately.

  • During this time we request that the location be vacated during your service, alternatively, you may remain in a separate room with the door closed for the duration of your service.  This ensures that we keep our staff safe.

  • Your emailed appointment reminders are sent out at 1 week as well as 2 days before your service date.

  • We do not currently provide/transport toilet brushes - please provide your own at this time.


    • About Open-Ended Time-Frames:
      Unless you have been undergoing regular professional cleaning already, your initial deep cleaning appointment will usually take longer than your regularly scheduled services as we need to scrub your home down to the shiniest and cleanest state it can be.  This sets you up for efficient future appointments. We appreciate that time is of the essence, so our staff is fast, efficient and professional.

    • After your initial deep cleaning, you can book your regular appointments as a Fixed Time-Frame, with a minimum of 4 hours (2 hours with 2 staff).

  • Unless you have already specified, our priority list will be conducted as follows:

    • 1. Kitchen​

    • 2. Floors

    • 3. Bathrooms

    • 4. Dusting/Tidying/Cleaning Living Room 

    • 5. Dusting/Tidying/Cleaning Bedrooms

    • 6. Windows/Glass Door Window Panes




**COVID-19 ** no cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations related to COVID-19

We will be wearing masks and gloves during your service and will also be sanitizing all of our equipment in between services in order to keep our clients safe. During this time all clients must reschedule if a person in the household has had symptoms of COVID-19 or returned from international travel within the past 14 days or if they have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 30 days.  Until further notice, clients may leave the premises during their cleaning service, or choose to stay at home in a closed room that will not be part of the cleaning service.  We appreciate that this is an inconvenience, but we are taking this measure so that we do not have our staff exposed to others trying to pass in the hallways (not social distancing) or sneezing and coughing. 


You can provide access instructions during our Virtual Walk-Through Meeting, or you can choose to be present when we start and finish our service, (while socially distancing) this ensures your location stays secure.  If you need to change your access information, please give us two days (48 hours) notice so we may adjust our plans accordingly ahead of time. If we are unable to access the location and are locked out, our team will stay at your location for 15 minutes while we attempt to contact you, and you will be billed for 50% of your scheduled service.  We aim to lock all premises when we leave, it is the responsibility of the client to instruct our teams on how to do so and to provide either a key or a passcode for a digital lock so that they can lock up.   


We want to maintain a high-quality service so your feedback is important to us,  if you are dissatisfied with our service contact us immediately upon returning to your serviced location.  We encourage you to either send us photos of the issue, show us with FaceTime/Zoom or invite us to inspect the location immediately. If it is due to poor service quality we will provide 30 minutes of cleaning free of charge to compensate you, but if the customer has already fixed the problem themselves then this free 30 minutes will not be applied.



Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds.



All regularly scheduled cleaning services must have an initial deep cleaning service as an open-ended time frame. 


We have a minimum of four hours, if your space is completed in less than 4 hours, please give us a special cleaning project such as the inside of the fridge, interior windows, etc.  If you choose to add additional items added to your scheduled booking we require two weeks' notice before your appointment to schedule the additional time required.



Payments are due once a service is completed, and is accepted by credit card or online transfer.  We do not accept cash.  The invoice payment is due within one week of receiving your invoice, all late payments will be charged a fee of $25.00.  In cases of bounced cheques, a $25.00 fee will be applied to your invoice.



We require a minimum of two days (48 hours) notice if you would like to cancel your cleaning service.  We understand that things can get busy, but we run a tight ship and take scheduling very seriously - any missed appointments will result in a fee equal to 50% of your scheduled service.  You will receive a reminder 2 days before your appointment and this is the latest time for you to request a cancellation.



We aim to arrive at all of our scheduled appointments on time, however in the case of unforeseen events please allow our staff to arrive within ONE HOUR of your scheduled appointment time.



Unless a specific arrangement is made between The Deckhand Cleaning Co and the customer, dogs may not stay in the location while cleaning services are underway.



The Deckhand Cleaning Co. is bonded and insured, if you are interested in learning more you are welcome to contact our office for further details.  Our liability limit is $2,000,000. CAD.



All special cleaning requests must be communicated to our office before the arrival of the cleaning staff, this ensures that the request is safe for the employee and that the appropriate number of staff members and time is allocated to the service.  Customers are not to provide their cleaning supplies unless a special arrangement has been made with Management. This ensures the safety of our employees.



The dishwasher will be loaded and run at the customer's request, as there are a variety of special items in everyone's homes that are not dishwasher friendly, these must be indicated as such beforehand by the customer or they will be at risk for being inappropriately processed in the dishwasher.


Laundry is the same - items that are inappropriate for the washing machine or the dryer must be labeled as such or the customer is at risk for having damage or destruction to their laundered items.


Both dishwashers and washing machines will only be run if there is enough time for the cleaner to witness that it had completed its cycle, this ensures that there is no malfunction or flooding.



Our staff members may take before and after photos as proof of work which will be included in our invoice and also to showcase before and after examples on our social media as a point of professional pride.  These posts will be highly professional, will not indicate the client and will be done tastefully. 


The personal information we collect will only be provided to the financial institution(s) that processes your payments or payment collections.

Last Updated Aug, 2021 

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