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Each location is unique, that's why we custom fit your cleaning service to fit your budget and needs.  Please take a moment to fill out our form so we can swing into action as soon as possible!  Ready?  This is going to be awesome!  

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About Open-Ended Time-Frames:
Unless you have been undergoing regular professional cleaning already, our initial cleaning appointment will usually take longer than any regular appointments as we scrub your home down to a shiny, easy-to-maintain baseline that allows for quick and easy cleaning during any subsequent appointments.  We call this an Open-Ended Time-Frame: there is no time limit if you would like it done to completion.  Please know that we appreciate that time is of the essence, so our staff are fast, efficient and professional.  This initial deep clean will set you up for success.  

About Fixed Time-Frames:
Every home is quite different so we cannot guarantee your cleaning will be done to completion if you choose a “Fixed Time-Frame” as the allotted timeframe might be less than what is truly needed.  If you choose more time than what is required, don’t worry, we will only work and charge for the time it takes to get your home ship-shape.  Please note that we do have a 4-hour minimum.  Please fill out your "Priority List" if you choose this option so that we know what to get to first before we run out of time.

4 Hours = 2 staff for 2 hours


- We bring all of our own equipment and cleaning supplies. 
- We usually work in teams of two.
- Everything we use is non-toxic and eco-friendly!
- We are bonded, insured, and covered by WCB.
- Your invoice will be emailed once your service is complete, payment may be done by credit card or online transfer.
- We are pet-friendly, so please let us know if you have special instructions.
- At this time we do not clean the inside of out-of-reach light fixtures.
- We do not work on ladders, pools, docks or boats.
- We do windows by request and up to 15 feet high (by extension pole, not ladders).

START TIME: We aim to arrive at all of our scheduled appointments on time, however in the case of unforeseen events please allow our staff to arrive within ONE HOUR of your scheduled appointment time.  

CANCELLATIONS + MISSED APPOINTMENTS: We require a minimum of two days (48 hours) notice if you would like to cancel your cleaning service.  We understand that things can get busy, but we run a tight ship and take scheduling very seriously - any missed appointments will result in a fee equal to 50% of your scheduled service.  

A late payment fee of $25.00 will be added to your past due invoice if payment is not received within one week of receipt.


1. Kitchen

2. Bathrooms

3. All Rooms

4. All Floors

5. Interior Windows

6. Inside Fridge

7. Garage Dusted